Kneadatite ® Green Stuff – The Original Formulation Green Modelling Putty

Kneadatite Green Stuff is the original formulation green modelling putty. It has been used for many years by model makers, sculptors and war gamers to create original models and miniatures or for kit conversions.

Green Stuff comes in two parts – a yellow filler and a blue hardener. Mixing the two parts together produces a sticky green modelling putty with unique properties.

Kneadatite Green Stuff gives a very smooth, soft cut which makes it ideal for carving. It is malleable when set and can be bent without breaking.

Green Stuff can be applied to plastic, resin and metal miniatures and then moulded into shape. It can be used as a permanent filler where slight movement is required.

The benefits of Green Stuff
  • Green Stuff’s consistency eliminates drips and runs for a ‘no mess’ application
  • No tools are required to mix Green Stuff – just knead it by hand
  • It mixes within minutes
  • Green Stuff has a long work life of between 90 minutes and 2 hours with a cure time of 4 to 5 hours
  • It is paintable and once cured, solid enough to glue other components to
  • Green Stuff does not shrink and is solvent and VOC-free
  • It cures underwater
Kneadatite ® Green Stuff Products

Kneadatite Green Stuff comes in two package forms. Green Stuff Reel is a 90cm (36″) reel with the blue and yellow parts combined into one strip. To use the Reel, you simply cut off the amount of Green Stuff required and knead together.

Green Stuff Stick features separate sticks of filler and hardener. The Stick allows the user to mix different quantities of each part together, offering greater control over the texture of the putty and a change its modelling characteristics.

You can find out more on what changing the mixing ratio from the standard 50-50 does to the putty in the How to use Green Stuff section of our website.

Buying Green Stuff

Both Kneadatite Green Stuff Reel and Green Stuff Stick can be purchased through SylCreate, the creative and modelling division of Sylmasta LTD.

SylCreate offer next day delivery in the United Kingdom on all Green Stuff orders placed before 2pm Monday-Friday, subject to stock levels.