Kneadatite ® Green Stuff Products

Kneadatite Green Stuff comes in two formats in two different products. Both feature two parts, a yellow filler and a blue resin which must be mixed to form Green Stuff modelling putty.

Green Stuff products generally have a work time of 90 minutes to 2 hours, a cure time of 4 to 5 hours and will reach maximum hardness 20 to 24 hours after mixing.

For further information on how Green Stuff works and should be used, please see the How to Use Green Stuff section of this website.

Green Stuff Original Duro Reel

Green Stuff Original Duro Reel supplys Green Stuff in a 90cm reel strip format

Green Stuff Original Duro Reel is a 90cm (36″) strip of Green Stuff with the yellow filler and blue hardener adjacent to each other in a reel format.

To mix, simply cut off the required amount of reel and knead by hand until the putty turns to a uniform green colour with no streaks.

The Original Duro Reel is great for adding fine details to figures or for making the complete model.

Green Stuff Original Duro Stick

Green Stuff Stick is the original formulation green modelling putty in stick format and one of the world's best modelling products

Green Stuff Original Duro Stick packages the yellow filler and the blue hardener as two separate sticks contained within one product. This reduces the chances of an initial cure between the two parts and allows the user greater control over the mixing process.

With the Green Stuff Stick, it is much easier to alter the mixing ratio of filler to hardener for a putty more suited to a particular task.

Increasing the amount of blue hardener in the mix will create a firmer putty with a shorter working time.

Using more yellow filler produces a stickier, more flexible putty with a longer working time for intricate carving and more detailed work.